Over the weekend, Donald Trump gave his first commencement speech as President of the United States. The following morning, the school's president decided to praise Trump for being committed to Christianity during his time in office.

Falwell on Trump

When Donald Trump first announced that he was going to run for president back in the summer of 2015, many wondered if he was serious about his candidacy. As time went on, the former host of "The Apprentice" gained momentum as he started to poll ahead of the 16 other candidates running for the party's nomination.

One of the biggest questions surrounding Trump was whether or not he could rally all different types of conservatives by his side, with the religious right causing the most concern. Due to Trump's history of infidelity, questionable behavior with women, and his remarks and tone on the campaign trail, many wondered if the religious right would be welcome to such an individual. However, Trump and conservative Christians were able to find common-ground which helped propel him to the GOP nomination, and eventually the presidency after a general election upset win over Hillary Clinton last November. On Saturday, Trump addressed the graduates at the Christian Liberty University, which was discussed during a May 14 interview on Fox News.

(Falwell's comment on Trump being a good Christian start at 1:05 in the above video.)

Joining Fox News on Sunday morning was the president of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr, who was quick to credit Donald Trump for the aforementioned speech.

"It was the best commencement speech Liberty has ever had," Falwell said of Trump, claiming there were over 50,000 people in attendance. "He knocked it out of the park," Falwell continued. When asked to elaborate on why Trump has proven himself as "committed" to the faith of Christianity, the Liberty University president gave a controversial response.

"He's rebuilt the relationship between the United States and Israel. He's appointed a strict constructionist conservative pro-life Supreme Court Justice in Neil Gorsuch. He's named more people of faith in his Cabinet than any president in recent history," Jerry Falwell Jr. went on to say. Not stopping there, Falwell's next example for Donald Trump being a committed Christian took a different tone. "He's bombed those in the Middle East who are killing and persecuting Christians," he said, before adding, "he's done more for the Christian community in four months time than any of other president in our life time."

Falwell on education

In addition to his praise of Donald Trump, Jerry Falwell Jr.

then went onto attack public universities for allegedly being bias against conservatives. "Too many universities in our country have become Democratic indoctrination camps," Falwell said, before returning to his high praise of the president.