Sen. Lindsay Graham disclosed on Tuesday, November 13, he would support a bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation. The Republican senator added that he did not feel the bill was needed, as he feels there is no movement to get rid of Mueller, but he was willing to do whatever it takes to “make peace with the Democrats.”

Even though there is not any indication that President Trump or any of his administration is thinking about getting rid of Mueller, Graham says it would be a good idea to protect the investigation for the future.

In April, The Hill reported Graham co-sponsored a bill that protected the Mueller investigation, stating that only a senior official can fire Mueller, or any other government appointed a special counsel. I think it's important to point out that Trump says the investigation is a perjury trap.

Democrats weigh in on the bill

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D) voiced his concerns about how Matthew Whitaker could impact the Russian investigation. His biggest fear is the newly appointed attorney general could fire Mueller and replace him with someone who would rule in the POTUS’ favor. Trump named him as temporary attorney general after Jeff Session’s firing last week.

The Democratic senator urged every American to really look at the appointment of Whitaker as the head of the Department of Justice.

He believes that it should concern the whole country—not just the Democrats and Independent parties. Schumer believes that Whitaker has prejudged the Mueller investigation and he could create a national crisis by firing the special counsel.

Trump isn't going to fire Mueller

Even though the Democrats continue to panic that President Trump wants to fire Mueller, Graham continues to insist that they have not considered that notion.

In fact, he said that most Republicans are in support of the bill that would support Robert Mueller. USA Today reported Graham said that both parties want this investigation to wrap up and publish the final Russian collusion findings.

Graham added that he believes that Republican Party does not feel they need to support the bill to protect Mueller, as the investigation is not under any threat.

I feel Trump is not going to pull the plug on it nor fire the special counsel. As a measure to appease the Democrats, Graham is willing to support the bill. Will Trump continue hiding from the meeting? Do you think Robert Mueller's investigation is at risk? Do the Democrats have a reason to feel that Trump would shut down the investigation?