Bill Maher is a die-hard liberal and a funny comedian. Many conservative are up in arms over a "joke" he said about House Speaker, Raul Ryan. Many felt he took it too far and are calling for the talk show host to apologize. If you know anything about Maher, you would know there is almost a zero chance of that happening.

The insulting joke

On Friday night, he said in his open stand-up act on "Real Time" that Trump finally was able to grab an [expicit word] ---Paul Ryan. Maher added that he finds it "disgusting" that Ryan was so happy when the House vote revealed that 24 million people would be kicked off Obamacare.

The moment that offended Bill

Maher was talking about when House Speaker, Ryan admitted that he was the driving force behind Trumpcare passing the House. Ryan, the man who openly admitted that it's been a "dream" of his to kick millions off ObamaCare since it became a law.

Bill explained that he cannot understand how it could be a person's dream to boot millions off health care. When you think about it, he's right. What sane and logical person would want to devastate families by kicking them off health care that they need? That's not a politician---that's a cold-hearted mean spirited man!

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