On “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 15 Episode 8, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Jackson's (Jesse Williams) relationship appeared to be on the rocks. It isn’t clear if they will be able to make it work between them. Jackson is confiding in other women, including with his ex-wife, April (Sara Drew). And, Maggie hasn’t let Jackson get close enough to her to be emotionally intimate. It’s a real problem for them both as they move to the next level.

Jackson and Maggie do not fit

TV Line points out that Maggie and Jackson have never worked. The fans tried to give the couple a chance.

After he moved on from April, we all knew it would be hard for the fans to see Jackson with anyone else. However, Maggie is not that person.

“Grey’s Anatomy” writers turned into an uncaring boyfriend. They had him abandon Maggie to go on a “God quest,” and ends up making a close friendship with another woman. He shares personal things with her, feelings he should have shared with Maggie. And, if that’s not bad enough, he admitted he is talking to his ex-wife, April regularly. As much as I want to say Jackson is not at fault here, it’s hard to put the blame of any of this on Maggie.

Maggie lost her quirkiness

Before Jackson, Maggie was funny, brilliant, and quirky. She was interesting to watch, and the fans rooted for her.

The episodes of her mother’s death were some of the saddest ones to watch—mostly all because of Maggie.

The minute she began her relationship with Jackson, she became a drag. She nags him constantly and she wants him to conform to some preset notion of what she believes a relationship should be. Of course, Maggie doesn’t have very much experience with men or she would know her expectations of him are not reality.

Maggie has not realized yet that relationships are messy. They are complicated. They are frustrating. But, through the pain, frustration, messiness, and complications, you find joy and love. Perhaps, Jackson and Maggie will make it, but it’s really not looking good for them.

On the last episode, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) told Maggie that she needed to support Jackson right now.

She discouraged her from breaking things off with him as his mother has a tumor. Mer disclosed the tumor is in a bad spot and it doesn't look good for Catherine (Debbie Allen). The information put things in perspective for Maggie. Jackson was there for her when her mother was sick and died, and she knew she had to, at the very least, repay the favor.

Would you like to see Jackson and Maggie work things out?

Grey’s Anatomy” returns to ABC in January.