Michelle Obama, the former first lady responds to Donald Trump's dismantling of the Education Program she championed while she was in the White House. Obama at an event in New York declared that although she is not in the White House anymore that will not end the passion she has for encouraging educational upliftment programs.

On Friday, the former first lady was in the Big Apple at the city's annual event that marks College Signing Day. The program was started by her and has now become a nationwide tradition, this has been the fourth year that she showed up at the event.

During her tenure as the country's First Lady, Obama encouraged young people to always strive for higher education.

Trump ordered cancellation of Obama's initiative

However, President Trump, who had dismantled almost every law that was signed or event started by the Obama's, had stated that his government will end the education program initiated by Michelle Obama. Reportedly, the Trump administration had ordered the cancellation of the 'Let Girls Learn' program that started in 2015 for adolescent girls in several developing countries.

An email sent to the Peace Corps acting director Sheila Crowley revealed that the President had ordered the immediate cancellation of 'Let Girls Learn' and all related operations.

The inter-governmental program is primarily run by the Peace Corps and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

However, the Peace Corps spokesperson said they will seek out other independent education plans that will assist the young ladies. She added that girls' education and empowerment programs will be their main priority and has been a hallmark of their work for more than five decades.

Additionally, she said, the Peace Corps looks forward to continuing other educational programs with their inter-agency partners.

Obama education program receives $1 billion

Tina Tchen, who had served as Obama's chief of staff, said she was disappointed with the new announcement. She added that a branded campaign is very important in drawing attention to the issues.Tchen added that the discontinuation was unfortunate as the program is not a Republican or Democratic issue.

She said that funding for the program was already backed for several years and hopefully it could continue with private donations.

Late last year, the White House announced $5 million in private sector commitments towards the program. And those financial pledges total over $1 billion, it will continue to facilitate the 'Let Girls Learn' program in fifty countries.