The former US First Lady Michelle Obama said she would continue to support girl’s education whether the White House supports her or not.

According to a report published on Monday, the Trump administration aim to reduce her Let Girls Learn initiative, but a State Department representative said that have not been any changes to the program. But Michelle Obama stated stat she will continue to speak for young women to be in school despite the uncertainty of the program.

Michelle's reaction

“Barack Obama and I will continue to lead this issue in our hearts, including girls and young women education,” she said in a tweet ahead of plans to unveil the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago.

The tweets came after two days where a report indicating that Let Girls Learn will not be operational anymore, was cited by the media.

Trump's administration's defense

Department of States spokesperson, Heather Nauert maintained that the program would remain unaltered. She said in a statement that the Trump administration policies support programs that empower girls and moves to educate women through the completion of secondary education,” it is our commitment to continue empowering women and girls all over the world and examining the best way in doing so,” She said.

The status of the Let Girls learns initiative remains uncertain following the different varying reports about the program. “To be honest, I am unable to verify the confusion, since I am just like you, but I am also aware of the frustrating reports being circulated about the program,” Tina Tchen Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama said in an interview.

She further said it would be missed the opportunity and disappointing if the present administration scraps the program. But if they choose to continue it would be a great fit on the administration, and that would require much effort and advocacy.

The birth of the program

The former US first family launched the Let Girls Learn in 2015 to encourage girls, and young women in underdeveloped nations pursue basic education.

In mid-2016, they garnered financial support for the initiative with more than $5 million from the private sector to kick-start the program and ensure its continuity after the end of the Obama administration.

More than a hundred companies and Non- Governmental Organizations have shown commitments to ensure the continuity of the initiative, according to Tina Tchen.