Although the presidential election took place over six months ago, Democrats and Progressives are still pointing fingers at each other as to who cost the Democrats the election in 2016, instead of coming up with a plan to make America work for everyone. Hillary Clinton recently stated that she had become a Progressive, sparking outrage by Progressives who feel the Democratic party abandon them, and with good reason. Many moderates were no happier. Attacks between Democrats and Progressives increased following the announcement. There is also now a fear that Clinton may be setting the stage for a second presidential run in 2020 as a 'Progressive Democrat', which few want to see.

Bernie Sanders, who rallied a Progressive base and also gave Millennials hope, also became a voice against the Democratic party in the spirit of wanting to make much needed changes in the DNC. It became 'us against them.' As long as the two factions continue their all out war against each other it will be easier for Republicans to further their 'moral agenda' at the state and federal level, and it will be harder to change the current political landscape.

Republicans and religious conservatives will start their 2018 campaign June 8th

In the meantime, Republican leaders President Trump, Vice President Pence, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and HUD director Ben Carson, along with twenty-three other conservatives, are preparing to attend The Faith and Freedom Coalition Road to the Majority Conference in June.

Hosted by Ralph Reed, the conference will begin their massive national fund raising campaign to get more conservatives elected to public office in mid-term elections. Part of the focus will be on the party's 'moral' agenda, and developing strategies on how to oust Democrats standing in their way. It would not be surprising to see Republicans use the DNC's anti Pro-life Democrat stance as a tool to further undermine the party and rally their religious base.

With a well organized grassroots movement in every state, the Coalition is a powerful and well connected national group and should not be taken lightly.

A growing number of voters dislike Democrats and Progressives

More and more Americans feel the Democratic party and most Progressives have forgotten moderates. Millions of Republican voters feel the same way about their party, as well.

They have watched the two parties' more extreme agendas turn state and national politics into a tug of war that has left mainstream America out in the cold. And Millennials, who had never felt included until Bernie Sanders embraced them in 2016, ended up feeling betrayed. This can be tracked by looking not only at the decrease in the numbers of voters on election day, but also at how many Millennials had never voted and who ended up voting on the Green Party ticket. DNC Chair Tom Perez's recent public statement telling pro-life Democrats to get out of the party added another element to an already tense situation. Many Democrats holding public office were angered by the decision, fearing it could keep pro-life candidates from getting elected and further strengthen GOP control of state governments.

At the same time, a sizable number of Progressives and liberal Democrats supported the decision. To make matters worse, some pro-life Democrats have begun to question whether they want to remain in the party, while others have indicated they may not vote in 2018, in protest.

Democrats and Progressives must work together to stop the progression of the right

The public wants a government that is more mainstream and willing to focus on common sense and practical solutions to solving problems instead of simply making everything about money and unyielding ideologies. Mainstream America is hungry for a government that will come together and include people with different points of view in order to forge a comprehensive agenda that benefits all citizens.

Republican and Democrat, Independent and unaffiliated, tens of millions of Americans of all ages and from all walks of life want a truly representative government -- a government that will strengthen public education, not let special interests influence policy, create fiscally responsible legislation that balances revenue strategies, and a government free of partisan machinations or religious doctrine. If Democrats and Progressives cannot find a way to join forces and develop a national strategy for 2018 and 2020, the Civil Rights afforded by the U.S. Constitution and our very Democracy will continue to be threatened.