Melania Trump is fed up with one person in the White House and reportedly wants him out. The surprising revelation comes after weeks of rumors about a senior staff replacement in the West Wing. A number of shakeups in the Trump administration have dominated headlines, such as the firing of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and FBI Director James Comey. Rumblings of discord between the president and his staff have leaked repeatedly, which is one reason why the first lady is allegedly concerned about leaks.

First lady scrutinizes headlines and cable news coverage

According to Politico, Melania Trump scrutinizes the headlines and cable news coverage of Donald. Former modeling agent and longtime friend, Paolo Zampolli, claims that Melania loves Donald "unconditionally" and is protective over him. Her main concern is the leaks coming out from the White House, she finds them "unacceptable," Paolo adds.

An aide summed up as an "outside adviser," tells the news source that Melania Trump thinks Sean Spicer isn't doing a good enough job defending the president. Moreover, she's suspicious that a lot of people who are surrounding the president are only interested in serving themselves.

Sources say President Trump calls Melania a lot to get her take on how the media is treating him.

She watches news coverage as much as he does, but has a more objective viewpoint since she's not in the thick of the day-to-day grind at the White House. Former Trump campaign manager, Sam Nunber, shared that the president values input from Melania. He often enlightens his team about Melania's opinions and suggestions.

Melania is 'very smart' and looks out for her husband

Longtime associate of the president, Roger Stone, declared that Melania is "very smart" and that people don't understand her if they see her as a "mannequin." Stone added that Mrs. Trump is able to tell which people want to "exploit their influence" over the president. She doesn't trust some of the individuals that Donald has come to depend on.

Other than Sean Spicer, it's unclear who those people might be.

Is Melania Trump the reason behind rumors that Sean Spicer is losing his position as Press Secretary? According to the Washington Times, Sean Spicer would still work in the press office even if he no longer delivers daily briefings. It's anticipated that deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders would take over that important role.