Not long ago, taping for "The Real Housewives of Orange County" season 13 took place in Jamaica. Four of the veteran stars posted photos on Instagram of themselves flying to the destination. At the time, it wasn't known where they were headed, but news soon emerged that they went to Montego Bay.

Bravo released a few spoilers on what the housewives did in Jamaica and where they stayed. Fans can expect to see more drama set amid a luxurious getaway. What better way to spend a dream vacation?

Accommodations and agenda

According to Bravo, the "rhoc" cast were welcomed at the Jewel Grande Resort Montego Bay Resort & Spa.

Staff greeted them with a Jamaican Mento Band and gave them rum drinks -- just what they needed to get things started!

Everyone had dinner at the hotel's Orchid Restaurant. They had fun listening to reggae music and dancing. On day two, the cast split into two separate bunches to take advantage of the hotel's spa or go for a swim. They either took a dip in the pool or hit the beach. They rounded out the day rafting and dining at the Sugar Mill Restaurant.

Day three consisted of the cast going on a simulated bobsled ride. They got on a ski lift for the thrilling experience. Following that, they went shopping in the area and had lunch before hiking at Dunn's River Falls. Some liquor was included with their dinner when they all participated in some rum-tasting on the beach near their hotel.

Don't be surprised if this is where some serious drama unleashes. Usually, when copious amounts of alcohol are consumed, trouble tends to be the common denominator.

The final day of filming in Jamaica was spent having lunch at the Sand Bar at Doctor’s Cave Beach. Everyone used the day to do more swimming and hang out on a fun water ride.

They took time out to get pampered with foot rubs on the beach. The evening included dinner at Marguerite's where they toasted to heir last night in paradise before returning home.

Epic scenes likely to play out

One thing is for certain, "RHOC" knows how to let fans live vicariously through its show. Another thing for certain is that the cast probably had a far less relaxing time than most people would on a luxury getaway.

It's not all peace and love with this group on destination episodes. In fact, it's when the most problems arise. Who goes to Jamaica as BFFs only to come back as enemies?

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" season 13 will begin airing this summer on Bravo.