US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson scheduled a press conference for May 22, 2017, while he was en route from Saudi Arabia to Israel. Tillerson spoke with reporters aboard Air Force One.

Tillerson: Trump will not apologize for Intel leak

During the meeting, he highlighted several undertakings that the President is currently involved in. He also reiterated that the Trump administration does not owe the American people or its allies an apology for the leaked intelligence information given to Russia.

The question was posed by reporters on the flight to Tel Aviv, Israel, the President's next stop on his Middle East trip.

He also discussed Donald Trump’s stance on Islam, the Secretary of State reiterated that the President's views continue to evolve. Notably, this is a far cry from his rhetoric on the campaign trail when he continually argued that people of the Islamic faith hate the citizens of the United States.

Tillerson also added that the U.S. President, despite his previous position and his “Islam hates us” speeches, hopes that the views of the American citizens will also evolve. The US President now thinks that individuals should be more tolerant of everyone’s faith.

He later added that he thinks there is an important aspect of the US leader’s trip that can be translated to the entire world. Tillerson stated that everyone should put forth more effort to understand our fellow human beings better.

Additionally, he said once we understand each other’s cultural beliefs, we will be better able to get along with other people. He added that the entire Western world -- not only Americans -- shows a great deal of ignorance when it comes to Muslim culture.

Trump: Muslims and non-Muslim should co-exist

According to Tillerson, since Donald Trump became the United States President, he has broadened his own perspective of other people.

He said there is nothing that can better facilitate the learning curve than visiting other countries and learning every aspect of individuals' lives.

He told reporters on board the Air Force One flight that children around the world, no matter where they’re from, should be able to mature into adulthood without fear of anything or anyone.

At the end of his press conference, he said the President hopes that Muslims and non-Muslim individuals can work together to co-exist in a peaceful world.

Currently, President Donald Trump is in the middle of his first foreign trip as Commander-in-Chief.