Lisa Rinna is rumored to lose her full-time status on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in season 9. The actress/reality TV star played it safe in season 8, but it might have jeopardized her standing with producers. At least, this is what one report is stating after two tweets launched a big rumor.

Rinna isn't above stirring the pot and making bold claims on "rhobh." In season 7, she caused plenty of drama with storylines involving Dorit Kemsley and Kim Richards.

Rinna said Kim was close to death based on what she knew about her past substance abuse.

It was hurtful to Kim and a cringeworthy scene played out on the "RHOBH" reunion when Kim refused to give her grandchild a large stuffed bunny from Rinna. Kim said it had "negative" vibes and wasn't willing to deliver Rinna's gift, which devastated her.

Dorit Kemsley was another figure Lisa Rinna made enemies with in season 7. She leveled accusations against Dorit and her husband for doing drugs in their bathroom during a party hosted at their home.

Season 9 was more subdued for Rinna. She stayed out of trouble for the most part and expressed much self-satisfaction regarding her efforts to be harmonious with the other cast members. It might not have been the best move, however.

Alleged leak starts rumor

According to Champagne and Shade, it's possible Rinna will be demoted in season 9 and made a "friend" on the show. Apparently, a Bravo writer leaked that Lisa will be a "friend of the wives" and it got out on Bravo's official site. It can be seen below, along with the Twitter account that picked up the post.

It's unclear if the rumor about Lisa Rinna being "demoted" is true.

No other reports have confirmed this information. It's a bit early for any details on casting news since season 8 just wrapped last week.

Is Rinna fine with being demoted?

Rinna may not be opposed to appearing less on the show to focus on her two daughters, who are growing up and jumping into modeling careers. Since the season 9 reunion, Lisa has been making fun of her old self by posting tweets teasing fans that if she returns next year, fans will see more of the woman they're accustomed to watching on "RHOBH."

On Tuesday, she posted an image of her holding a large, fake box of pills. It's like she's having withdrawal from her bad habits on the show that often got her into hot water. The story about her being addicted to pills in her smoothie is what ignited concern in season 7 that Rinna was somewhat of an addict.

She's since made fun of the notion that anyone believes that.

Would you like to see Lisa Rinna demoted to a friend on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season 9?