Speculations are starting up over First Lady Melania Trump possibly wearing a headscarf in Saudi Arabia. Donald Trump will be heading over to the Middle East and it will be his wife's first trip to a foreign nation as the first lady. The two will be visiting three Islamic countries in what's called an "outreach trip," meant to underscore the United States' resolve for world peace. The couple will conclude their trip to Brussels to attend the NATO G-7 meetings.

Melania Trump to wear a headscarf?

The first lady is known for donning form-fitting fashions, wearing stilettos, and having a penchant for bright colors.

Many of her clothes are created by American designers whose fashions are prohibited in the country. It's well-known that countries like Saudi Arabia mandate that women cover their bodies and wear a headscarf. It's unclear if that's what Melania will do, but she'll definitely have to alter her look somewhat from the more sensual looks she typically favors.

According to Yahoo Style, women in Saudi Arabia are mandated to wear long sleeves, dresses that cover the ankles, and don headscarves. Does this mean that even visiting female heads of state or wives of those in such positions should abide by those laws? They are exempt from having to comply with the customs, according to the report.

World leaders are expected, but not required, to wear a headscarf while visiting Saudi Arabia.

Melania Trump may opt out of wearing a headscarf as British Prime Minister Theresa May did during her visit in April. The choice of refusing to wear a headscarf has been criticized for disregarding the hosting country's cultural norms, but it's also viewed as oppressive to women when doing so.

Several foreign women haven't worn a headscarf in Saudi Arabia

Michelle Obama didn't wear a headscarf when she accompanied her husband to Saudi Arabia in 2015. The same is true of Princess Diana, Condoleezza Rice, Laura Bush, and Angela Merkel, according to the Washington Post. Princess Diana did wear one on a trip to Egypt, however.

If Melania Trump does wear a headscarf, it would send a conflicting message about her platform on championing women's causes when it comes to equality. Would the first lady even want to experiment her fashion sense with a headscarf? They're fashionable in the context of keeping a woman's hair in place outside in gusty weather or riding in a speedy car. Let's say Melania wouldn't be opposed to wearing a headscarf; it would only be in the event that she's riding in one of the president's convertible Rolls Royce automobiles -- and not because a Middle Eastern country dictates she wear one!