Donald Trump is a man of many words, very outspoken as the world knows. While he continues to warn the Islamic State rebels (ISIS) and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un, no one really knew what he was capable of doing until just about a week ago when the United States military surprised the Islamic State rebels.

On Thursday, the rebel group had no idea what hit them. But of course, they are now dead after an enormous 22,000 pound "Mother of all bombs" mysteriously fell from the sky. The complex in Afghanistan was completely annihilated when it landed on the rebel stronghold.

However, while it is touted as one of the biggest weapons in America's weaponry stockpile, the message is even greater than the damages inflicted on its enemies.

Trump's powerful 22,000 pound bomb kills 94 ISIS rebels

Regardless of whether the message was accepted by North Korea, it should send some jitters through the Kim Jong-un regime. The weapon was utilized for the first time after the Pentagon approved the use of the “Mother of all Bombs.” At the time of the initial bombing, military officials stated that 36 ISIS rebels were killed, however, later it was reported that the death toll had climbed to 94.

Residents living close to the site said its impact destroyed windows and left huge cracks in the walls of several buildings.

Many individuals said at first they taught the heavens were falling because the tremors shook the entire region. According to the U.S. Military, the powerful bomb can destroy nine city blocks in a single strike, so just maybe the North Korean Leader while showing off his arsenal of weaponry will take the Mother of all Bombs into consideration.

Jong-un launched Scud Missile - Trump drops 'Mother of all Bombs'

The United States Armed Forces are on high alert as the North Korean leader continues to send threats to the United States President. Despite several warnings from President Trump, Kim Jong-un continues to build up his military stockpile of atomic weaponry. Recently the state-owned News agency reported that the North Korean nation’s atomic weapons were capable of turning the United States into a rubble of ashes.

About a week ago, Kim Jong-un tested the mettle of Donald Trump once more. For his military's 85th anniversary, the country celebrated with the launch of a Scud missile. However, it disintegrated in mid-air, thus highlighting that the "Mother of all Bombs" weighing a massive 22,000 pounds is far more superior than his Scud missile.