The Trumps are about to spread their wings a little, or perhaps a lot more; they are planning to expand the family conglomerate of businesses further. Donald Trump had already done the unexpected by winning the 2016 election when he effortlessly wrenched the Oval Office from the Democrat’s Hillary Rodham Clinton. This shows that the Trumps can achieve anything they set their mind to. And while the business of real estate is their leading portfolio, they have shown that anything is possible when it comes to the powerful billionaire family.

Trump conglomerate of businesses to expand in U.S.A.

Moreover, the Trump team as we know are the brains behind their successful business model and heading this business savvy group is Donald Trump, the United States President. And his older children; Donald Trump Jr. Ivanka and Eric working closely alongside him. It is quite evident that President Trump had trained the apprentices-turned-bosses very well. Because now that he has taken up the mandate to be the 45 President of the great United States of America his children are busy keeping their conglomerate of lucrative businesses running smoothly.

This helps the senior Trump to concentrate better on the task of steering the American economy while he sits in the White House for the next four years.

And while Ivanka has been busy in the Oval Office helping the President, his other children are busy adjusting to the challenges of their father’s presidency.

The boys are busy keeping things afloat as well as seizing other opportunities that have opened up since their father started out on the campaign trail. The commander in chief took over the reins of the country from ex-President Barack Obama on January 20th, 2017.

And with his accomplishment of winning the White House, several opportunities have since opened up for the Trumps.

The Trump boys will target Republican states

Now the astute business family had set their eyes on the expansion of the Trump legacy to all the American states where their father had received favorable acceptance during the campaign and election period.

In a recent interview, Donald Trump Jr. stated that the expansion into the states where Donald Sr., won the November 2016, the election is naturally easier to establish their new undertakings.

And while Donald Trump Sr., had pledged that he will not conduct any international deals while he is running the US economy, their business had slowed down quite a bit. So now his apprentices-turned-bosses are busy planning a push into the local market with two new hotel chains. The Trump boys have planned to build a four-star facility as well as another reasonably priced budget-friendly lodging that will target travelers, who are more budget-minded