Aaron Hernandez lifeless body was found in his prison cell at a correctional facility in Massachusetts. And while law officials, who investigated the scene said the late footballer had died from committing suicide, others are questioning if it was suicide or murder.

Hernandez lawyer wants murder investigation

The former tight end of the New England Patriots was rushed to a nearby hospital after he was found with his bed sheets wrapped around his neck at around 3:00 a.m. And now two days after his death, chilling details have now surfaced from the death scene.

According to sources, Hernandez’s prison cell was covered in blood, and a visibly large laceration was on one of his fingers.

Another bizarre twist that officials noticed was the Bible verse of John 3:16 written out with a blood red marker across the forehead of the convicted killer. Hernandez’s family members are demanding a thorough investigation into his death because according to them, he had no reason to kill himself after his recent acquittal in the Boston double murder case. Meanwhile, Alex Spiro, one of his defense attorneys in a report to Radar Online said that Hernandez was happy after the acquittal and looked forward to appealing his life sentence.

As reported by several news media outlets earlier, the former Patriots was sentenced for the murder of his best friend and brother-in-law Odin Lloyd. According to numerous reports, Lloyd was shot to death in 2013 by the hot-tempered footballer. And the chilling reason surrounding his death was so he could not testify against Hernandez in the 2012 double murders; he was accused of committing.

Aaron Hernandez was high on k-12 when he died?

The troubled football star was accused of killing immigrants Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Abreu after an altercation at a Boston nightclub. Purportedly, one of the men had accidentally spilled his drink on the ex- footballer. According to eyewitnesses, Hernandez followed the men’s car and pumped several rounds into the vehicle at point blank range killing them on the spot.

And while the mystery surrounding his death continues to unravel, a story from Boston’s WBZ Station stated that officials are looking further into his untimely death that had started to sound like a mystery sequel.

There is also a report surfacing that Hernandez was high on drugs at the time of his death. Sources close to the investigation said the dead man had smoked Synthetic Marijuana known as K12 the night of his apparent suicide. Radar Online in a report said sources close to his family stated that he had shown no sign he was going to kill himself because he was looking forward to getting his life sentence overturned as well.

And as it now stands no one knows what happened in the wee hours of Wednesday morning in the cell of Aaron Hernandez. Inside which sits an open Bible on the familiar chapter of John 3:16, a large finger wound, lots of blood and synthetic marijuana now blends to deepen the chilling mystery.