A Tempe, Arizona teacher was arrested and charged with the sexual exploitation of a minor child. The educator was hired at Fees College Preparatory Middle School in August 2016. At the time of her arrest, she admitted to performing sexually explicit acts while the 13-year-old child watches via online Video Chat on Facebook. It was also revealed that she had sent some explicit videos to the teenager.

Kara Loofborough, who is 26 years old was reported by the child’s father after he became concerned about the long and frequent communications between the adult and the minor child.

Reportedly, the Tempe police department interviewed the child, who told them that he frequently communicated with the teacher through Facebook messages as well as in online video chat.

Teacher let 13-year-old view her breast and vagina

During the lengthy investigation, the child told the officers that Loofborough had shown him her vagina and breasts several times while they communicated in video chat sessions in March. The officers had also stated that during their investigation, they found out that the teacher had also shown him a video of her while she was performing oral sex on a male individual. The video in question, according to the cops were taken to school by the teacher in March and shown to the child while he was at the educational facility.

The 13-year-old teen was also exposed to other graphic pornographic items sent to him by the educator. According to the boy, the accused sent him a link that he could click on and access ex-rated adult shows anytime he wants to on an explicit pornographic website. On April 20, when the police interviewed Loofborough, she admittedly told them that she was aware that the child was only 13 years old before she started sexually exploiting him.

Accused pedophile had no criminal history before being hired

She also admitted that she had shown her genitalia on several occasions to the boy while she communicated with him on video chat. Loofborough after admitting to the charges was subsequently charged with sexual exploitation of a minor child.

A letter informing parents of the incident was sent out on Friday by the Tempe Elementary school staff.

The letter outlined that the seventh-grade teacher had started teaching at the school in August 2016 and have since been barred from the establishment since March 15, 2017.

Additionally, the accused teacher handed in her resignation that will be effective as of May 1st, 2017. The school, however, said they had conducted a thorough investigation before she was hired and found no criminal history for the accused pedophile.

Kara Loofborough now faces several charges inclusive of sexual exploiting a minor child, indecent exposure, and furnishing explicit and harmful sexual items to the 13-year-old child.