Even though the existing congressional and FBI investigations into #Russian interference in the US election have so far produced no proof that Donald Trump or any of his henchman corroborated with the Russians, there has been some clear proof that Russia did try and sway the election.

Seven US officials said this week that Putin developed a think tank in Moscow that tried to devise strategies and methods to sway the American presidential election. The bombshell news surfaced in the US media this week and was outlined by seven former and existing foreign officials according to mainstream press.

Team of spies

The #Russians, acting under president Vladimir Putin and with a team devised of former Russian foreign spies and officials, did this by trying to erode America's belief in a #fair electoral process. According to the same sources, The Russians, acting under Putin, also tried to get voters to choose the candidate more likely to treat the Russians more softly.

In fact, in March 2016 the #Kremlin told Russian affiliated news outlets that they should start producing positive reports on presidential candidate Donald Trump's journey to be the American president, those same officials said.