Pro-Kremlin bloggers #Russia Today and Sputnik, two Russian Media Outlets that were instructed by the Russian government to promote presidential candidate Donald Trump, have roundly denounced the claims that have surfaced in the global media this week.

Speaking out in reaction to claims that they were told by a think tank to toe the line under instruction from the #Kremlin, the two publications flatly denied being told to try and sway public opinion.

Anti-Clinton narratives

Sources today indicated that they were both told to publish #anti-Clinton narratives and to work with Kremlin backed strategists to try and erode faith in the probable Clinton win.

Of course, they have denied any such wrongdoing and have said it is all nonsense cooked up by United State's officials.

#Russia Today in 2016 published one of its most watched Clinton videos and gained 9 million views. The video is titled 'How 100 [percent] of the 2015 Clintons' 'charity' went to ... themselves'. It was one of their most popular videos and gained a cult following.

A report by US intelligence officials said that the two publications consistently cast Donald Trump as the target of unfair coverage from popular media platforms.