President Trump, who recently announced he had no connections with anyone in Russia in the past 10 years had perhaps forgotten holding the 62nd.Miss. Universe pageant on November 9, 2013, in Krasnogorsk, just outside Moscow and even appearing in a music video made in Moscow.

Alfa and Trump

There is a lot of talk about President Trump being the quintessential alpha male but there is a real Alfa in Russia, it is the largest commercial bank holding company in the country. In what is possibly the real source of any wiretaps of Trump Tower, it has recently been disclosed that there is a very strange electronic connection between one of the main Alfa group’s computer systems and a small email server located in the 10,000 resident Pennsylvania town of Lititz.

The FBI reportedly dismissed the contacts at first but has apparently re-opened an investigation into just what has been happening after Trump demanded an investigation.

Located just outside Lancaster, PA, the only two things notable about Lititz are being voted in 2013 as the “Coolest small town in the U.S.” and hosting the "mail1.trump-email" email server. The first question is whether this is just someone else named Trump or someone playing games with the famous real estate mogul’s name.

GoDaddy’s Whois lookup reports the owner of mail1.trump-email is “Trump Orgainzation 725 Fifth Avenue, New York New York 10022 US.”

It is perfectly normal for a giant bank to be in contact with an international real estate group, but what struck the FBI as very, very strange was the fact that only two businesses accounted for 99% of all contacts with that Trump email server.

One was the medical company owned by the husband of his Secretary of Education and the other was the Alfa bank.

In fact, computers at the Alfa bank in Moscow looked up the address of the email server 2800 times over a short period of time during the election campaign.

What the FBI reportedly wants to know is why the Moscow-based bank did that so many times.

That is a very strange occurrence which drew the attention of the investigators and may have caused them to obtain a wiretap - or not, but when it was disclosed that this occurred and was reported it might have caused President Trump to think he had been wiretapped.

We don’t know if the bank was trying to send an email or do something else.

In fact, all the public information now available is that the bank’s computers used the Internet DNS (Domain Name Server) system to find the IP address of the Trump Organization server.

The Trump email server address, by the way, is which anyone can discover by “pinging” the address and reading the response. That is one way to access the DNS. The IP address of any device on the Internet from a web camera to a supercomputer is the actual address used by the Internet to connect with another computer. (On a Windows computer open a command line window and enter ping followed by the domain name.)

The DNS system is a database of those IP addresses and the corresponding text domain names such as a dot-com address.

There was no attempt to conceal who owned the server. There is nothing sinister or illegal about looking up a computer’s IP address, but it is very strange to look it up 2800 times in a very short period of time and with President Trump demanding an investigation into possible wiretaps the strange Alfa connection is now part of the case.

Meetings and connections

President Trump is probably correct in stating that he has no investments in Russia, but that doesn’t mean Russians don’t have investments in him or that he didn’t try very hard for years to open a Trump-branded hotel in Moscow.

After he got back from the pageant trip to Moscow Donald Trump tweeted, “I just got back from Russia-learned lots & lots Moscow is a very interesting and amazing place!

U.S. MUST BE VERY SMART AND VERY STRATEGIC.” he said of a friend in Moscow, Mr. Agalarov, “I had a great weekend with you and your family … TRUMP TOWER-MOSCOW is next.”