According to former and current government officials, #Vladimir Putin, the distrusted President of Russia, developed and perfected a #Russian government think tank in order to swing and influence the 2016 united State's presidential election to favor Donald Trump. The think tank also aimed to weaken America's overall faith in the American electoral procedure, a big counter intelligence strategy that seemed to have worked.

The blazing claims come from two highly classified government documents that describe the purported think-tank as giving the structure and rationale for existing efforts by the #Russian state to corrupt and destabilize the US elections, as according to the US government agencies.

Think tank hoping to tarnish US democracy

The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, which is based in the city of Moscow, and which is governed and managed by established and retired #Russian foreign intelligence officials that are hand picked by Vladimir Putin's administration, developed and refined methods that would get in the way of a clear and fair American election. Putin's aim all along was to do this and the think tank served as a vehicle for his needs, as one of the seven sources said to the media.

What the Russian documents say

The first document that came to light was one drawn up in the #Russian institute last June that was shared around the most elite levels of the Russian government but lacked any specific individual personal stamp on it.

This document recounts how the Russians should develop and manage and create an order that could use both social media and the world press to sway voters in America to choose a candidate who will be softer on Russia. This, unlike the Obama administration that had taken a hard line with sanctions and economic issuances, as claimed by the seven officials.

Damage Clinton's reputation

The second classified document, written up in October and sent out amidst other similarly high level government officials, warned that #Hillary Clinton, who was representing the Democratic Party, would most likely score victory in the campaign. The paper then went on to argue that for this reason Russia should send out and develop messages referring to voter fraud which would then hurt Clinton's chances at winning and scuffle her shot at the presidency.

What Putin has said in response

#Vladimir Putin has consistently said he didn't do anything to interfere in the US election, and when asked to comment, the Russian institute didn't respond to the media for clarification or for more details.

These very documents were the exact ones that the embattled Obama administration sought and referenced in their conclusions about Russian interference. They had claimed that the Russians had enabled a sort of "fake news" campaign to ruin the gauge if truth and the tenor of the Clinton campaign.

#President Donald Trump has consistently claimed that the Russian activities and interferences had no influence on the Untied States election and yet his administration has been engulfed by these claims, from the sacking of his highest officials.

The validation of these documents has helped indeed to explain some of the buzz in the media about the inferred Russian interference, and the documents also clarify the way in which such information is alluded to but not specifically spoken of by officials and political operators.

Russia did what exactly?

The thought that #Russia would tamper with the United States presidential election has always been surprising, but posed in such a strategic way it makes more sense and seems less unlikely.