The annual White House Easter Egg Roll will look a bit different this year after the Donald Trump administration failed to put together the gathering on schedule. After First Lady Melania Trump tweeted about the event, social media users were quick to fire back.

Melania's backfire

For 138 years, the Easter Egg Roll at the White House, which is typically put together by the first lady, has been a tradition that many look forward. Local schools, military members, and others take part in the event as a way for Americans to get down and socialize with the President of the United States and members of the First Family.

However, as Salon reported last week, the Trump administration took too long in putting the event together that it will be a different experience than in years past. Ashley Broadway-Mack of the American Military Partner Association told the New York Times last week that the normal crowd of military participants, around 3,000, will not be in attendance because the White House "has not reached out to us." Schools in the area that normally account for almost 4,000 of the tickets were not informed of the event, while PBS Kids was only able to send a costume for one character because of the late notice. The event will now take place this Monday, which Melania Trump promoted in an April 14 Twitter post, which didn't go over well with many social media users.

Taking to her offical Twitter account on Friday night, Melania Trump, or someone tweeting for the First Lady, promoted the Easter Egg Roll. "Looking forward to hosting the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House on Monday!" Melania wrote.

In response, many Twitter users didn't hold back their thoughts.

"That'll only cost the tax payer about $3m to get her there, then another $3m to get her home the same night," writer Michael P.

Williams tweeted back. "Aren't you embarrassed that it costs 30 MILLION per month for you to stay at Trump Tower?" one Twitter user wrote, before adding, "Flint MI has had no water 3 YEARS."

"Sesame Street doesn't recognize fascism in the White House," another social media user wrote. "Why not on Sunday? Oh wait, because Mar-a-Lago…" entrepreneur William LeGate tweeted out. In a follow-up tweet, LeGate added, "Also, weren't you initially planning on NOT hosting this?

Did Trump call in a favor bc of his plummeting approval numbers?"

Next up

After what critics describe as yet another debacle and example of incompetence in the White House over the Easter Egg Roll, Donald Trump and his team have other issues to worry about. In addition to domestic political struggles weighing down on the president, the former host of "The Apprentice" is also dealing with growing international tension with Russia, Syria, China, and now North Korea.