According to a CNN report, President trump is reversing his opinion on Russia, and looking to work with china instead on manners involving international affairs.

Trump was adamantly opposed to China during his campaign

Some may remember that Trump notoriously condemned China during his campaign, even going so far as to assert that the country of 1 billion plus inhabitants was "raping America" with its policies. Trump promised voters that if he won the election, he'd be sure to ramp up tariffs in Beijing and make the Chinese pay for what he described as "shady practices." This month, however, marked a turning point for the 70-year-old president in regard to international relations.

Noting Russian disapproval of almost everything America has done in the past few weeks -- along with its stubborn defense of a gruesome Syrian attack -- Trump is now saying that "we're not getting along with Russia at all," while adding that the relationship between the two economic powerhouses may be "at an all-time low." On the other hand, he's praising Chinese president Xi Jinping for helping forge "a very good chemistry" with his administration.

The Trump administration has backtracked on several proposed policies in recent months

Reports indicate that lately, President Trump has been reversing his stances on several subjects -- including NATO, the Iran nuclear agreement, and the issues in Israel.

According to experts, the Trump administration's business operations have been atypical compared to past presidents, but the multi-billion dollar team has still ended up arriving at conclusions very similar to how America has operated in years prior. These experts suggest that this pattern indicates that campaign ambitions often give way to the harsh realities of American foreign policy in a world that offers very little in the way of American support.

Prior to Syria, Trump was eager to work with Russia

Before the events in Syria, Trump expressed an eagerness to work with the Putin administration to improve a US-Russia relationship that has suffered over the years. But Syria's bloody attack on innocent civilians, coupled with Russia's fierce protection of the country, prompted the president to reconsider.

Sources also say Russia's interference in the election -- and the Trump administration's fallout because of it -- was another key factor in President Trump's decision to take back the olive branch he initially extended to Russian officials.

American relations with China are not without their complications

Experts argue that a newly forged alliance with China is not, however, without its downsides. China is North Korea's only ally, and it has consistently protected Kim Jong-un's country, even when America hasn't agreed. Even though Trump claims recent talks with President Xi about "handling" North Korea have been very promising, how China decides to deal with the country regarding its nuclear weapons threat could mean a lot for future relations with the US.