Over the last two weeks, Donald Trump has made aggressive moves when it comes to foreign policy and the United States military, which has resulted in a mixed reaction from the American people. While some have supported the president, critics in Hollywood have not been shy about speaking out.

Hollywood on Trump

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump promoted himself as a different kind of politicians. As part of that promotion, the former host of "The Apprentice" attempted to differentiate himself from his fellow Republicans, as well as his general election opponent in Hillary Clinton.

Trump painted the picture that Republicans and Democrats had made poor decisions when it came to foreign policy in recent years, and that he would pull the United States away from international issues that the country wasn't directly involved in. The billionaire real estate mogul did this while also vowing to build up the U.S. military, but only gave vague details about how he would get the job done. Despite this, the last two weeks have highlighted a different side of Trump, who launched an attack on a Syria airbase, while also overseeing the dropping of the largest non-nuclear bomb (Mother of all bombs) in history on an ISIS-operated tunnel in Afghanistan. In the aftermath, celebrities took to Twitter on April 14 to lash out at the commander in chief.

"The world was a relatively stable place when Obama left office, but look at us now," author Stephen King wrote on his Twitter account on Friday morning, before adding, "Macho posturing by President Forrest Trump." "Maybe a president who's being investigated by the FBI for collusion shouldn't have the authority to drop bombs," actress Alyssa Milano tweeted out about Donald Trump.

"Trump now threatening to bomb a third country in his fledgling and we hope short-lived presidency.

But this one is armed to the teeth," actor George Takei wrote on Twitter, while adding, "SMH." Actress Rosie O'Donnell decided to give her thoughts, continuing her daily tweet-storm against the president. "Well he is an unabashed idiot," O'Donnell wrote of Trump, noting, "he would rather end the world than admit he is in debt to RUSSIA - not a billionaire at all - a sick man."

Russian reminder

Billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, mark cuban, has not held back his feelings on Donald Trump, and decided to elaborate with his take on the president dropping a bomb in the Middle East.

"Mother of all bafoons​ dropped mother of all bombs to create DISTRACTION from mother of all betrayals," Cuban tweeted, before stating "Don't get distracted" while using the hashtags "#russiagate" and "#moab."

Mark Cuban's comments come not long after actor and director Rob Reiner offered similar sediments on the issue at hand. "Calling on Congress: Do not let DT violate the Constitution & invade a sovereign nation again w/o approval," Reiner tweeted out, adding "Never forget" with the hashtag "#Trumprussia."