The rift between Donald Trump and many celebrities in Hollywood has been well-known for some time and the relationship doesn't look to be improving anytime soon. With "Saturday Night Live" off the air until the fall, veteran actor Alec Baldwin has decided to increase his Twitter use to mock the president.

Baldwin on Trump

It all started after the Republican primary election when Donald Trump stunned the world by pulling off the upset win for his party.

Following his first debate with Hillary Clinton in the general election, Trump was criticized for how he handled himself, resulting in the producers of "Saturday Night Live" hiring Alec Baldwin to the play the satirical role of the former host of "The Apprentice." Since then, Baldwin has played a mock version of Trump on a semi-regular basis, much to the chagrin of the commander in chief. Trump has ripped into "SNL" and Baldwin at times, but that hasn't stopped the Emmy-award winning actor from sounding off.

In recent weeks, Donald Trump's lawyer, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, has come under fire for various remarks he's made about the administration in regards to their handling of the Russian investigation and other issues.

Giuliani's latest gaffe includes claiming that the president could "shoot James Comey" and not be prosecuted. In addition, Giuliani has come out to claim that Trump's alleged former mistress, adult film star Stormy Daniels, has no credibility due to her profession. Responding to the controversy was Alec Baldwin who did so during a June 7 tweet.

"If you’re completely nuts, do you really want a lawyer who’s completely nuts?" Baldwin rhetorically tweeted out, before using the hashtag "TRUMP/GIULIANI2020."

Twitter applauds

Responding to Alec Baldwin's tweet, users on Twitter cheered on the "Saturday Night Live" actor in agreement. "This is why you can't stop doing him on SNL.

For those of us who are organizers, fundraisers, campaign workers, or just everyday concerned citizens you build moral and bring levity in the wake of this national nightmare," a Twitter user wrote in praise of Baldwin, while referring to him as "the Bob Hope of The Resistance."

"That would be some ticket....

their slogan could be six marriages, five divorces, endless lies. An all NY ticket that won't win in their home state," a Twitter user wrote. "If you are completely nuts usually you have to find a lawyer who is just to take you on or as in this case one who is nuts enough to nominate himself," an additional tweet stated.

"Well, Hell yes. Nuts hang together," a social media user went on to write. "I always believe Trump is a man who really actually wants to get caught so he surrounds himself with criminal types who will bring him down. Either that or he’s the stupidest man alive!" a follow-up tweet noted.