For the second time in a week, Donald Trump decided to make a major decision when it comes to foreign policy and the United States Military. In its aftermath, one of the president's sons celebrated the latest attack on Twitter, but received heavy backlash as a result.

Trumps on Twitter

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump made sure to talk tough when it came to dealing with foreign policy, especially over the issue of radical Islamic terrorism. The former host of "The Apprentice" quoted on more than one occasion that he would "bomb the hell out of ISIS," which became a popular campaign talking point for himself and his supporters.

Dealing with the rise of ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, Trump claimed that he could take out the terrorist organization shortly after he was in office, which was a message that helped lead him to victory over Hillary Clinton last November. After ordering the United States military to launch a tomahawk cruise missile attack on an air base in Syria last week, which was in retaliation to the chemical attack launched by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Trump turned his attention to Afghanistan. On Thursday, the U.S. military dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in history at an ISIS-controlled tunnel in the eastern part of Afghanistan. Donald Trump Jr. decided to brag about this on Twitter on April 14, but didn't get the desired result.

Taking to his Twitter account on April 14 was the son of the commander in chief, as he followed in his father's footsteps by gloating on social media. "Bomb the hell out of ISIS," Donald Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter on Friday afternoon.

The younger Trump also added "Another promise kept" while using the hashtag "#Moab" in reference to the bomb's nickname "The Mother of All Bombs." In addition, Trump Jr. used a bomb emoji in his tweet.

Twitter reacts

"You're a used car salesman whose only accomplishment is being born into money," one Twitter user wrote.

"You. Need. Psychological. Help," another tweet read.

"Justified or not, only psychopaths brag about killing ppl," another social media user pointed out, before adding, "Furthermore, your plan to divert attention from your ties to Russia hasn't worked." "You're celebrating that your daddy killed people, and with emojis." a second person on Twitter noted.

Other tweets pointed out that the son of the president decided to brag about his father dropping a bomb on a religious holiday for many Christians.

"Seriously it's good Friday and this is what you tweet? There is something seriously wrong with you," a tweet noted. " This isn't the first time that Donald Trump Jr. has received backlash over a message on social media, as earlier this week he mocked LGBT students being triggered over the arrival of Chick-fil-A on a college campus in Pennsylvania. In response, actor George Takei lashed out with a post that quickly went viral across social media.