After one hundred days in office, the time has, at last, come to review Trump's record as President of the United States. During his political campaign, Trump railed against America being the world's law enforcement, stating America could no longer afford to sacrifice our veterans, troops, and reserves in the military. However, as per usual within the chaotic and unpredictable atmosphere that is President Donald Trump's biosphere. Trump has adopted a populist rhetoric and steadily reversed course on most of his initial campaign promises due to public backlash.

There remains no doubt however that Trump will continue to be fighting the reversal of his hardline political commitments, and resist changes or compromises to his policies every step of the way.

No matter how much damage to our international trade regulations occurs by Trump's emphasis on placing America above our international relations and business partners, much to the detriment of the American taxpayer, Trump's support base, and the lower and middle classes who will suffer most of all. Minorities can disregard any honest judiciary representation, as Jeff Sessions wants them all locked behind bars with his ugly and increasingly White Nationalist rhetoric.Despite crimes being committed at similar rates between Caucasians and African Americans, black people are dramatically more likely to get arrested for non-violent offenses as white offenders, a disturbing trend which shows no signs of abating under the Trump, Pence, and Sessions regime.

Damage to America's International and Global Relations

Core American allegiances in both Europa and Asia Donald Trump has dismissed, infuriating key American allies. Trump furiously exploded against the organization of trade pacts, outright repudiated and derided International Humanitarian agencies such as the United Nations.

Trump has also denied the implications of global warming on our planet while defunding the Environmental Protection Agency and our underfunded education. All while trash talking our allies in Mexico and our competitors in China. Trump's increasingly populist attitude has embraced NATO, reintroduced international standards against chemical weapon attacks by attacking Syria, and Trump has ordered more American soldiers to assist in reining in global conflicts (Gaouette, 1-2).In the ultimate irony, despite ruthlessly dismissing the international trade system, Trump has assumed a more traditionalist policy role, defending the same system (Gaouette, 2).

Because Trump has no foreign policy experience to speak of, his hiring of hundreds of unfilled national security staff workers. Even worse an overreliance on family members with no political experience as executive cabinet members is dangerous, and increasingly Trump is becoming portrayed as a reactive and tactical leader lacking a strategic or strong vision, preferring the sawed-off shotgun approach on Twitter (Gaouette, 2).

Russian Connections amid greater Controversies

As an even larger issue that has shadowed Donald Trump's position since his first day in inauguration are the substantial probability of potentially compromising relationships, Trump's political circle has with global entities, especially Russia and Vladimir Putin, who are still under suspicion of influencing the global US Election in 2016.

The FBI is studying whether there was any coordination between the Trump campaign and Moscow with Russian hackers hacking Democratic organizations to benefit the Republican candidate during 2016. Even worse, despite Trump's baseless rhetoric of buying American, his daughter Ivanka Trump has become caught wearing clothing from a production assembly line that pays its worker's unlivable slave wage labor from foreign factories, an average weekly paycheck of only $62, with an hourly pay of just over $1. Every President who has led the free world has experienced a learning curve, and Donald Trump remains zero exception. However, should Trump continue to ignore his roadblocks, will this disastrous Presidency multiply in its fatal consequences?

Trump's blatant disregard for the Constitution and free speech, his cuts to the EPA, slashing the Department of Education's funding by 13.5%, his vicious attacks against Obamacare and the affordable care act, Planned Parenthood, arts, and humanities, shows a precommitment to devolving American values decades in the past.

My current rating of this Presidential administration is an F, with next to no hope that this government will learn anything from its mistakes. Donald Trump may believe he is a success, and within the recesses of his sociopathic mind, these accomplishments are successes. In gutting our children's education, now defunded, our mentally ill and poverty stricken citizens now unable to afford treatment or valuable resources without the Affordable Care Act.

Our progressive multicultural values are shrinking due to Sessions emphasis on combating Mexicans and Blacks, and our international relations are dwindling away with Mexico and Asia due to the sensitive nature of our leader. Trump coming to power will shape the fortunes of chaos and unequivocal disaster of American global relations for decades to come. For only the most deluded minds can equate these events to the signs of successful leadership. Ivanka Trump's use of third-world slave labor for her clothing line is particularly hypocritical, given Trump's commitment to "buying American."