One of the core foundations of functioning and healthy societies remains the concept of trust. Trust develops in children between prenatal and eight months. Trust remains the basis on which all healthy relationships develop in human society. However, our president Donald Trump has made famous his total distrust of others, going even so far as to proclaim his distrusting nature as an admirable character trait, despite all evidence to the contrary, and the unfortunate implications of global warfare against North Korea.

Trump remains alone in the White House, barring even his wife from living in the Oval Office alongside the President.

Trump's distrust of others was instilled in him by his father, desiring "manliness and toughness" from his children above any semblance of love or empathy. Perhaps this is why Trump's demeanor grows more pitiless and cold with each passing moment in the White House.

American desensitization towards lies, broken promises, and deceit

This toxic mentality has scarred generations of men for centuries, demeaning people for being over sensitive, teaching boys to stuff away from their feelings and remain rough and tough, even in the face of great adversities. Men's humanity has become dehumanized and tossed aside for pathetic macho posturing, and shallow, empty personalities.

Trump normalizes not only pathological lying in the face of consistent conflicting evidence, but blind hatred, total suspicion, and perpetual distrust of the American People.

Make little to no mistake; Trump considers anyone who does not swallow his rhetoric "Not American." Trump will go out of his way and utilize all his power to discredit, slander, demean, mercilessly bully, and patronize absolutely anyone who does not conform to his brand of specially formulated sociopathic embittered narcissism.

To separate and divide American's against each other is the Trump administration's greatest secret goal with every action they take, and the first 100 days have solidified this as incontrovertible within my perspective.

Disregard for Constitution

Trump's total disregard for both honesty and the principles of the United States Constitution have angered both Conservatives who respect tradition, and Liberals who argue for a progressive change to modern values.

Trump's centrist positions took a complete dump on Trump's hardline promises, due to Donald coming to grips with his worst enemy, "Reality."

Trump's pathological distrust of everyone around him ensures that no American is safe, and his administration will show neither remorse nor penance for any of their profoundly sordid transgressions. Crimes committed against free speech to sate Trump's infinite ego, gutting the Environmental Protection Agency (complete with Trump's pathetic, amoral, utterly meaningless support for Earth Day), for favoring satisfying America's destructive addiction to dwindling resources in both fossil fuels and coal mining. Not to mention the ugly attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a consequence which will most certainly spike America's current opiate epidemic to catastrophic proportions, when suffering people will no longer be able to afford the care they need.


Do you truly believe for one tiny second that the party that desires tax cuts for the wealthy, tax breaks for the 1%, cares whatsoever that a low-income family cannot afford mental health care treatment? Not only do they not care, but Trump's administration is also working tirelessly to ensure the people suffering the most die faster and harder, so they can pay less and stay rich by cutting the ACA. Fight harder against ignorance and dangerous stupidity for the good of America. Trump has normalized total disinterest in any notion of honesty. He lives to lie and embellish his lies for all the world to see.

The destructive, and childish antics of the hardcore liberals upon Trump's election did Democrats absolutely no favors in regaining the House and Senate they have lost.

But Republicans have zero right to criticize the Democrats on morality when they work to cut the toes off the sick, mentally ill, and homeless for their selfish gain, while removing both insurance and healthcare coverage for over 21 million Americans. If Trump has his way, the honor and integrity of every US election will become flushed straight down the metaphorical toilet, for leaders will stop caring about honor, sacrifice, or empathy with the underdog. They will tow the party line, again and again, to line their pockets with cold hard cash, no matter who dies or who suffers as a result of their greed.