Donald Trump is a dangerous man. This verdict is not merely a remark on his most recent attack on Syria. It is the fruit of observing his first 100 Days in the White House. This is not about the days when he has been elsewhere playing more golf than the last three presidents. The man benefits from all the confusion around him. It can be declared truthfully that he is a true danger to us all.

Donald Trump revealed

The danger posed by Donald Trump lies in maintaining and expanding a lethal economy, working to disempower the government and pauperizing Americans.

If this seems extreme, consider the creation of a Supreme Court that will make future decisions that favor only those who essentially ride first class. The president appears to be a single-minded con artist whose fundamental loyalty is to the one percent. The White House is a sideshow. The main show has been his actions and the motives they reveal.

White House distractions

Distraction has been the strategy of the White House from well before day one. It is an essential ingredient in the tool-kit of a con artist. While the media and public are consumed with the doings of Bannon and Kushner, Ivanka and Kellyanne, the juggernaut keeps adding orders and making appointments. Over here we have gossip about the White House family.

Over there we have the president ensuring that coal will be the fuel of choice, privatization the mode of change, and prejudice the means by which the base is fed. It is a dismal, lethal brew.

100 days of true damage

The true damage of Donald Trump lies in his appointments and orders.

He is putting our climate at risk by delivering the environment to an enemy of the earth. He has helped signal a downward direction for education by appointing a woman to oversee what is essentially its privatization. It has long been an objective of the right to cut off all federal funding for schools. Virtually every decision of the president, every order or directive or appointment has had the goal of buttressing corporate control which is precisely the sort of culture that gives rise to incidents like the United Airlines extraction of a few days ago.

From his Muslim ban to a health plan which wants to consign 26 million to the uninsured, his record comes across as intentional damage to us all.

Only values can save us

The only weapons that can defeat Donald Trump are imperishable values. Democracy cannot be destroyed though its foundations can be attacked as Trump demonstrates. Tolerance cannot be defeated though the President tries. Helpfulness cannot be overcome though this man acts to weaken rights, education, and aid to Americans. Cybercommunities offer these values as the basis of a building a society that works for all. The future must and will be built on progressive values. It is from the values that the actions flow.