We've all been wondering whether #trump actually talked to the Russians during or before his election in an effort to hamper #Hillary Clinton's chances of winning. It's a shocking thought, so we thought we'd outline who of his associates met with Russians in positions of authority or influence.

Current and previous American officials claim that they have uncovered proof that Donald Trump’s people were in repeated communication with Russian officials – and some of those people were tied to #Russian Intelligence organizations. So that's a trail that we want to be following and studying.

#Roger Stone Jr, a trusted adviser of Trump's, said that he communicated with Guccifer 2.0, an online name that many believe is a front for Russian intelligence admins that was associated with the hacked Democratic emails.

Nothing inappropriate

Whilst Stone said there nothing inappropriate about the contact, and that he was one of many who communicated with the hackers, he in fact took a trip to Moscow – and claims that he met mostly scholars. But alas, he won't go into more detail.

Then there is #Michael Flynn who was paid thousands by companies with links to Russia. He took a tumble and no longer sits as the head of the national intelligence adviser.