During his twenty year tenure as head news anchor of Fox News, Bill O-Reilly became both a domineering and controversial figure on news waves around the world. To conservatives, O-Reilly became a champion of traditional values and defending the Republican party from Hollywood marginalization. To liberals, O-Reilly was a bigot, one-dimensional, prejudiced, and a religious fundamentalist who utilized fear as a club to browbeat his viewers into conforming to his far right-wing beliefs and no one else's. Inflexibility to differing opinions stands as a profound barrier against developing the trust of a public viewing audience.

Therefore America has been reeling from the shock that Fox News has let Bill O Reilly go from the network, under allegations of sexual assault

Religious extremism

In a shocking turn of events for Fox News's once heralded Christian conservative champion Bill O Reilly, the news anchor became fired by Fox News the day he met Pope Francis, under allegations of sexual assault, and over thirteen million dollars in settlements paid to the victims. For a man who has made his career on bigotry, prejudice, xenophobia, fundamentalism and ignorance, Bill O Reilly's end comes as no surprise to a journalist who practices equality and acceptance in all of his affairs by the principles upon which his family has raised him.

Pope Francis decried Trump's Mexican border as "Unchristian," only for O'Reilly to disparage the Pope by saying: “I would suggest to Pope Francis, that millions of Americans have been harmed economically by our immigration system which desperately needs reform. I think I could persuade the pope that providing protection and enforcing the settled law is certainly not un-Christian” (Hale, 1).

If innocent children are ripped apart from their families as even greenlight citizens become expelled from America, this statement rings hollow and empty in securing American jobs and celebrating the values of progressive multiculturalism which have brought the United States into the modern era.

Indeed, many progressives have labeled Bill's dishonorable discharge in vein of Donald Trump's history of being accused of sexual assault and battery

Preying on fear and vulnerability

O'Reilly was well known during his 20-year tenure at Fox News to incite religious passages, positioning himself as a right-wing prophet, decrying Hollywood and the liberal seculars. O'Reilly regularly accused secular progressives on the far left political, ideological agenda, as having a motive to persecute Christians and marginalizing people of faith. Given the overwhelming vitriol and anti-Islamic statements the Trump Administration is famous for, the conservatives have no argument. You cannot claim your religion, or freedom of worship is becoming persecuted when you demean and patronize other people who practice a different faith.

Due to Reilly's ethnocentric attitude

Republicans double-standard

This double-standard by the Republican party is nothing short of blatant hypocrisy. Also, I am certain that adultery and sexual harassment are big no-no's in the Ten Commandments of Genesis, so O-Reilly moralizing against Hollywood is shallow and utterly meaningless from a sexual predator whom Fox News paid off his victims in the millions of dollars, just to stay relevant. Fox News has only made themselves look pathetic, a despicable action which truly is an abomination to both Christianity and spirituality. People of strong faith have every right to practice your religion, just forget to put your eggs in the political basket of a reprehensibly disgusting hypocrite, and a cowardly network who placed profits for years above the welfare of their female employees.