Tensions are high in the Democratic party, across both house and senate as Donald Trump attempts to rebuild from his chaotic first 100 days in an office filled with anarchy and a trail of broken promises. The Affordable Care Act is still in place, Mexico has refused to pay for Trump's wall. Despite promising the end of ISIS within 30 days of taking office, the terrorist organization continues to exist. Having failed to replace Obamacare, Trump is limited to changing its parameters instead of gutting the program.

Given Trump's hardline rhetoric and inability towards embracing political compromise, I have little doubt this will stop Trump from fighting to undermine our health care system to best suit his family and white communities while leaving everyone else out cold.

Flexibility is nothing but pseudo-science to Donald Trump. He will have his way, and the only Americans who are Americans in his entire administration's belief system, are only those who kiss Trump's feet as groveling toadies and praise his every action, no matter how unconstitutional, despicable, or destructive to the will of the American people.

Democrats and ObamaCare VS President Donald Trump

Global reports have made no secret of mutual distrust between Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled House and Senate, versus Senate and House Republicans, not to mention liberal voters. Trump's infamous flip-flopping on core issues such as international alliances, environmental protection, and healthcare, has troubled both Conservatives and Liberals since Trump's election into the Oval Office.

As Democratic Representative Emanuel Cleaver has clearly stated of the Trump administration's track record: “Whenever he says, 'Take me at my word,' it's going to worry every Democrat in the House,” write Mike Lillis in The Hill.

The democrats have little to zero trusts that Trump will stay genuine and faithful to his word about requiring Obamacare subsidies.

Due to President Donald's chaotic and highly impulsive decision-making process, his hatred of Obamacare and the ACA, and his toxic influence by his addictive need to project confidence over competence, which consistently flips at the drop of a dime. According to Lillis, Cost-sharing reductions (CSRs), the payments handed over to insurance companies, have become crafted by executive branches commanded by both Trump and Obama's administrations to offset financial losses to enterprise companies, which provide car specifically targeting low-income consumers.

Trump's strong vitriol against free speech, advocation for violence, and ruining the lives and careers of anyone who opposes his cabinet is also well documented.

Judiciary healthcare battles

The Obama administration received a subpoena from House Republicans over Obamacare subsidies, stating them as unconstitutional. To avoid a government shutdown, Donald Trump will have no choice but to craft policies that satisfy both the left and the right wings in the Senate and House of Representatives, which appears next to impossible given his conduct (Lillis).

Trump has even threatened to sue in court, major news media outlets if they report news that goes against his team's hardline, caring little for free speech, if at all.

The Democrats, due to the erratic nature of Trump's rhetoric, demand that Obamacare subsidies continue as required to assist the lower and middle socioeconomic classes. The Democratic House and Senate has flatly refused to sign any Trump bills that disregard the Affordable Care Act on the national spending bill (Lillis,2).This lack of stability or any consistency in Trump's promises is the reason many Democrats refuse to view any Trump bills without a requiring signing of ACA subsidies as mandatory spending, surmises The Hill.

Consequences of a gutted healthcare system

Trump has decided to make medical payments on healthcare on a month to month basis, which is ineffectual for the increasing needs of low to middle-class families struggling with physical, mental, or psychiatric disorders.

This is a potentially disastrous blunder that could put at risk millions of vulnerable people to getting health care coverage denied, their lives shattered, and hospitals saddled and burdened with inadequate training or clinical flexibility to deal with patients suffering from mental disorders.

Opiates are continuing to insulate and trap the lives of thousands of people struggling with mental illness and substance misuse as a coping mechanism for untreated psychiatric or neurological disorders. Big Pharma cares little for stopping the flow of profits despite paying out in a settlement.


Underfunded rehabilitation centers ill-equipped to deal with the epidemic will continue to treat surface behaviors as the problem over far more severe underlying psychiatric and mental health issues, ensuring patients stay stigmatized, community ostracized and trapped in worsening mental health symptoms without the ability to afford healthcare coverage under Trump's proposed healthcare budget.

Overemphasis on faith healing has gutted scientific advancements in mental health care treatment and unless we become willing to change our system ultimately, more innocent and vulnerable people are going to die, and as the Republican party under Trump's leadership has overwhelmingly demonstrated, they do not care at all. This attitude is blatantly un-American, and unconstitutional at its very core.