A male suspect was detained by the U.S. Secret Service on Saturday within a few feet from the White House on suspicions of trying to carry out a cynical U.S. terror attack on government grounds. He claimed to have a bomb in his car as he approached a security checkpoint in Washington, D.C. on Saturday night. The Secret Service mentioned moments after the altercation was contained that they simply detained a man and that his vehicle, registered out of Indiana, was "declared suspicious."

White House security personnel were not able to provide further details in regard to the incident immediately but here is what we know from them so far as they continue citing this tirade as one of numerous ongoing investigations.

Alleged bomb at checkpoint

The man in question, identified as 29-year-old Sean Patrick Keoughan, approached the White House checkpoint at approximately 11:00 pm Saturday night. In his own words, he was said to have "a bomb in the trunk" of a Chevrolet Impala that was reportedly stolen out of Roanoke, Virginia prior to the incident. Current United States President Donald J. Trump was at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida at the time and remains unharmed as this event continues to be investigated as far as motive is concerned.

Washington's response to the list of its latest security infiltrations

The U.S. Secret service, police forces, and many other massive means of security have drastically increased over the past few weeks at the White House and in both the states of New York and Florida after the Trump Administration caused not only a stir to the American nation but a series of investigations in response to numerous scandals involving them all across the globe.

This latest car bomb masquerade comes just merely a few hours after another man was arrested for proceeding over the White House's bike rack to allegedly deliver a letter to the President whom he claimed was not only a friend of his but that he also had an appointment with.

The cost of protecting the President and his family is really becoming a cause of concern to the American economy and its fellow taxpayers. Millions upon millions of dollars have been submitted for government spending directed toward the excessive means needed to further provide effective security for the first family.