It seems it is lucky that U.S. President Donald Trump is spending the weekend at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, as the fun at the White House just doesn’t want to stop. CNN reports that White House security was upgraded after a man drove to the White House checkpoint in a “suspicious” looking vehicle on Saturday night, claiming he had a bomb in his car.

As reported by Blasting News, a second intruder in recent days attempted to access the White House by jumping over a bicycle rack on Saturday. That intruder was quickly apprehended, while the previous incident involved a man spending from between 15-17 minutes on the White House grounds.

The Secret Service has been criticized over that incident as the man was finally found trying the handle of a door.

Security amped up after man claims there is a bomb

The latest incident happened on Saturday at around 11:05 p.m. when, according to a spokesman for the Secret Service, an individual drove up to The Secret Service checkpoint on 15th Street, saying he had a bomb in his vehicle. According to CNN, the Uniform Division Officers at the checkpoint detained the person, declaring his vehicle to be suspicious. Following the correct protocols, the security personnel then increased the level of security on site.

According to two law enforcement sources, no explosive device was found in the car, but reportedly several streets surrounding the White House grounds were closed while the incident was investigated.

According to a report by Deutsche Welle, criminal charges against the individual are currently pending and officers found no weapon on his person.

Secret Service is very busy

In the meantime, along with two attempted intrusions into the White House and the current “bomb scare,” investigations continue into the recent theft of an agency laptop and communications radio from a Secret Service Agent’s car, parked outside her home in the Bronx.

The laptop was said to possibly contain security plans for Trump Tower and other highly sensitive information. While officials say all information would be “highly-encrypted” and that nothing of a classified nature was on the computer, they did say it was possible to connect to a Secret Service server using that device.