The month of March has been dominated by the wiretapping allegations made by Donald Trump. After FBI Director James Comey debunked Trump's conspiracy that former President Barack Obama wiretapped him during the election, Fox News had a difficult time covering the events.

Fox News trouble

In an attempt to deflect from the growing scandal of Russian interference during the election, Donald Trump used his Twitter account to change the headlines earlier this month. In a multiple-part tweet, Trump accused Barack Obama, without evidence, of taking part in the wiretapping of Trump Tower.

The president has never provided proof to back up his claim, while the FBI, Justice Department, and members of Congress have all found that the allegation was baseless. On Monday, James Comey testified in front of Congress that the FBI and DOJ have not found any credible information to prove Trump right, which was discussed during a heated segment on March 20 on Fox News.

During Monday's edition of "The Five," Juan Williams called out his fellow Fox News co-hosts for dismissing the James Comey hearing. After Eric Bolling attempted to downplay the hearing, Williams was quick to fire back. "Are you kidding me?" Williams said. "What is going on at this really constitutes again trying to distract people from the news of the day," Williams said.

"The news of the day is that the FBI Director Jim Comey, much hated by the left for his involvement of finger putting of the scales during the 2016 campaign, came out today and said the president is a liar," Juan Williams pointed out.

Co-hosts Greg Gutfeld, Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle all pushed back, as Williams stood his ground in accusing the rest of the panel of trying to "divert America’s attention" from reality.

Judge out

Also on Monday, Fox News contributor and analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano was pulled from the network and "taken off the air," according to a report in the Los Angeles Times.

Last week, Napolitano claimed that "sources" revealed the Obama administration were working with British spies to spy on Donald Trump. Trump went on to cite Naplitano's story in his latest wiretapping defense, which was later debunked as Russian TV propaganda. As of press time, it's unknown when Napolitano will return to the network.