Federal investigators have reprimanded the proprietor of a residence that they assert operated as an unlicensed day care establishment. The founder of the site ran a high-volume Drug Ring on the property.The specialists examining the case in Los Angeles accuse Felipe Talamante of retaining nearly $430,000 at his home in Highland Park and allowing minors between two and seven years in age to maneuver within the property and witness a covert agent for the state of California attempt to purchase approximately 20 kilograms of cocaine.

What we know so far

According to Yahoo News, the Drug Enforcement Administration released an affidavit that stated Talamante declared to undercover agents that he believed methamphetamines to be a drug for poor people and that he demonstrated prominent attributions when it came to distributing cocaine.

The bust comes after the DEA investigated Talamante for many years. On Tuesday, the Attorney’s Office in the city of Los Angeles issued a declaration. It confirmed that local authorities executed a court order back in 2015 to inspect Talamante’s Highland Park property.

The arrangement was an initial attempt to recuperate at least 20 kilograms of cocaine. Be that as it may, no one ever initiated the requests summoned the warrant.On the other hand, federal officials stated that the courts served another order that eventually led to the recovery of cocaine, in addition to crack and other illicit narcotics.

Los Angeles trying to fix child care scandal

The Los Angeles Police Department arrested Talamante for selling controlled substances and being a hazard to children.The city lawyer has recorded a claim that looks for a directive against all proprietors of the home involved in the drug ring.

The suit claims federal agents witnessed minor children playing in the yard where the affirmed criminal activities occurred.

According to the litigation presented in this case, investigators discovered an undisclosed amount of cocaine inside one of the cushions where the children purportedly rested on regularly.

The case looks to seize the property and to enforce financial punishments, including penalty fees for all the attorneys and investigations involved over the years.

The city lawyer will likewise look for a transitory constraining solicitation that can permanently shut down the illegal day care center that the proprietor established on the property.

Police say they found at least 15 children under supervision while in the home. Police are still trying to contact their families and inform them of the matter at hand.