It was yet another scare for the Secret Service when a man appeared out of the blue, drove his car into a White House checkpoint and announced that he was in possession of a bomb and it was in the car. The man was from Virginia, and the car was a stolen one and, this was the third incident that has happened there within a week.

USA Today reports that President Donald Trump was not in the White House but was at his estate in Palm Beach, Fla., and, necessary actions were taken as a result of this incident.

Details of this strange happening

As per reports, the intruder came in a car to the checkpoint at around 11 p.m., got out of the vehicle and declared that there was a bomb in the trunk.

He appeared to be holding some object in his hand, and also mentioned that this was a test. A Secret Service officer detained him and charged him with making false bomb threats, apart from making unauthorized use of a vehicle which was, in fact, a stolen one. The man has been identified as a 29-year-old of Virginia.

This is the last of the recent incidents that involve the security of White House and has got the authorities worried.

The previous incidents

Last week a 58-year-old person jumped over a low metal barrier positioned outside the White House fence. He had done that after clearing the bicycle-rack-style barricades on Pennsylvania Avenue. When apprehended, he made a number of statements that did not make any sense.

Before that, on March 10, there was another breach of security. This time it was a 26-year-old who broke through an outer perimeter fence, scaled a vehicle gate and gained entry into the south lawns. He was on the grounds for over 16 minutes before Secret Service agents knew about his presence. He had in his possession a backpack with two cans of pepper spray and, a letter addressed to the president.

Incidentally, he had jumped many fences at different locations before gaining entry into the premises and, has been identified. He is charged with entering or remaining in restricted grounds while using or carrying a dangerous weapon.

President Donald Trump was, at the time, in his residence but Secret Service has assured that he was not under any threat. It seems the intruder was brazen enough to have rattled a door handle and, even, peeped through a window before he was apprehended.