The much-anticipated revised travel ban has suffered a massive blow. This time, the defeat came from a judge in Honolulu, Hawaii. District Judge Derrick Watson ordered a nationwide ban on the newly revised travel ban. President Donald Trump, on Wednesday, railed against the ruling while he was in Nashville, Tennessee.

The newly elected U.S. President made quite a few promises to his supporters while he was campaigning to become the next leader of the United States government. However, the stark reality of what it means to be President is slowing playing out in the political arena where he has experienced quite a few major obstacles.

Will Trump fight second travel ban defeat?

But with his second defeat for the same bill, in his speech, the President outlined his decision to fight the judge's ruling all the way to the Supreme Court. Trump declared that the ban was unprecedented and a flawed overreach of the judicial system. The newly revised version was tabled just about a week ago after his first travel ban enacted on January 27 with an executive order struck down by a federal judge.

In the first version of the bill, Donald Trump ordered a travel ban on citizens from several Muslim countries. However, in his revised version, he removed the ban on Iraqi citizens, but kept in place the initial ban on individuals traveling to the United States from the six other Muslim nations.

Those included in the ban are citizens of Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, and Libya.

President Trump will appeal travel ban in the Supreme Court

However, with the recent setback, the U.S. President remains resolute in his decision, he is adamant that he will turn the decision around in his favor. In what he deemed a flawed decision by the justice system, he declared that he will eventually notch a winner in his column.

The announcement came after he told his supporters that he had some bad news to deliver.

Trump also told the audience that together, they are going to fight and will eventually win to keep the country safe from people who intend to travel to the United States of America for the sole purpose of inflicting terrorist acts upon the American people.