Naika Venant only wanted to be loved! She desperately wanted to go home to the person who was supposed to show her unconditional love, her mother. However, the 14-year-old committed suicide while broadcasting the ill-fated incident live on the popular Facebook social media platform.

Troubled Florida teen commits suicide on live Facebook feed

Florida officials reported that on January 22, the teen used a scarf to hang herself in a shower at her foster home. Venant had been shuffled to over 14 foster homes since she was six-years-old. Florida's Department of Children and Families Center released a 20-page report, which documents the timeline of abuse throughout the teen's life.

Nail Venant's troubles began at the tender age of four when she was left alone at home with a male babysitter. And according to the health and welfare caseworkers, the home in which she lived had no food or running water. At age six, it is reported that she was severely beaten by her mother because she aggressively performed sex acts on another child.

Teen lived in more than 14 foster homes

She was subsequently placed in foster care, but at the age of seven, Venant reported that she was sexually abused by another child in the foster home. A few years later in 2014, after a Miami judge erred in judgment and placed the child back in her mother's care she ran away when she was only 11-years-old, fearing her mother would severely beat her again.

A report that was released by the department that investigated Venant's case when she was six-years-old, stated that the child reported that she would lay in bed and watch sex tapes with her step-dad, and that she also slept in the same bed with her mother and her mother's boyfriend.

Did the State of Florida fail to protect Naika Venant?

However, with Naika Venant's troubled history and all the signs that were displayed by the teenager, the State of Florida failed to act responsibly on behalf of the abused child.

The Critical Incident Rapid Response Team that investigated the case after her death stated that Gina Alexis, her mother, should be blamed for the teen's death. According to the team's report, the troubled teen just wanted to be loved by her mom.