Louis Theroux is set to release a new series of documentaries on American President Donald Trump. Theroux has revealed that his next mini-series will divulge into the "phenomenon" that is Donald Trump, as well as the recent "wave of populism", which the famous British investigative journalist attributes with Trump's rise to power.

Theroux documentary on Trump

Theroux has said that the new series focusing on Trump will explore the billionaire's origins, as well as his ascendency to becoming one of the most powerful men in the world. Despite covering controversial subjects in the past, such as pedophilia, prostitution, drug abuse and racism, Theroux described his latest topic as a "massive challenge".

Speaking to the UK publication 'The Mirror', Theroux admitted that he was finding it difficult to get his "head around such a big subject" like Trump. Theroux had been one of Trump's many critics before he took his seat in the White House, even describing his potential victory before the 2016 US Presidential Elections as something which would be "disastrous" for America.

And it doesn't seem like the esteemed journalist has changed his opinion following President Trump's appointment, as Theroux explained that one of the most difficult tasks on his new project was finding the weaknesses in "something so abhorrent" as Trump. The new three-part series, filmed in America, is still untitled and is waiting for a release date.

Theroux disappointed with broadcaster

Apart from revealing plans for a new Trump-based documentary for the BBC, Theroux also criticized the British television broadcaster Sky, after they cancelled a scheduled "Urban Myths" episode dealing with the late pop singer Michael Jackson.

The scheduled airing was cancelled after Jackson's daughter, Paris, criticized the shows coverage of her father.

Speaking at the NME awards in Brixton, where his Scientology documentary "My Scientology Movie", collected the award for Best Film, 46-year old Theroux said that he was very "disappointed" with the network for caving into pressure.