Less than a day after Arnold Schwarzenegger quit the "Celebrity Apprentice," Donald Trump took him to task on Twitter. In response, the star of "Terminator" decided to hit back.

Arnold on Trump

After Donald Trump officially announced his candidacy for president, he was forced to give up his role of hosting "The Apprentice." With the position vacant, the producers decided to hire Arnold Schwarzenegger to fill the spot. Despite having a high-profiled name to lead the show, the "Celebrity Apprentice" has been hit with low ratings, which many believe is due to Trump remaining as an executive producer.

On Saturday morning, the billionaire real estate mogul attacked Schwarzenegger on social media, accusing him of lying about quitting the show, and instead claiming he was fired. On his on Twitter account on March 3, Schwarzenegger offered his response.

After Donald Trump tweeted that Arnold Schwarzenegger had been fired due to "pathetic" ratings and causing the show to be canceled, the former governor of California responded. "You should think about hiring a new joke writer and a fact checker," Schwarzenegger tweeted out.

Despite Arnold Schwarzenegger being a well-known Republican, he made it clear that he wouldn't be supporting Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election.

After his first choice for president, Ohio Gov. John Kasich was eliminated in the primary, the action movie star went on to back Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the general election. In recent months, the feud between the two has escalated, with Trump going so far as to smear Schwarzenegger at the National Prayer Breakfast last month in Washington, D.C.

Next up

While Donald Trump takes time to blast Arnold Schwarzenegger and other Celebrities on Twitter, he also has bigger problems to worry about.

In addition to his tweet about "The Apprentice," the president also went on a lengthy rant on social media, this time accusing former President Barack Obama of engaging in Watergate-like wire tapping of Trump Tower during his campaign for president.