In an op-ed in Sunday's New York Times, Zbigniew Brzezinski – who once served as #President Carter’s national security adviser in the years 1977 until 1981 – gave new president Donald Trump some advice. Give the world a bold statement of your vision so that the world knows you stand on firm ground – and not on a reactive and shaky toehold of dogmatic thought and reaction.

The world doesn't need an outline of foreign policy, Brzezinski wrote, but rather a reminder that the #new president is engaged and aware of the bigger picture of history and global events.

Why does the world need America, and what does America need from the world? In short: please behave in a decent, presidential manner.

Russia, China and the United States

Brzezinski, currently working at the Center for Strategic and International Studies as a trustee, states that there has also been much focus on the position of the three main global and militarily dominant powers — the United States, #China and Russia. Now is the time that they should work together to maintain much needed global stability. A lot rests on America's ability to engage in a successful dialogue with China, which would engender a more serious, strategic Sino-American relationship. This, in turn, would help with establishing a climate of trust and decency between the three major powers, since Russia would be forced to behave, or risk being left out of a key global relationship.