First Lady Melania Trump was nervous when she delivered her speech to an enthusiastic crowd in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday. President Trump proudly introduced his wife at one of his famous rallies and she did an excellent job by starting off with the Lord's Prayer.

Stiff body language reflects hidden feelings?

According to The Mirror, there were moments to pick apart when it came to the First Lady's performance at the podium. With all of the divorce rumors recurring in the headlines over Melania Trump and the president, people are reading into their body language more than ever.

The pair have been meeting on the weekends at Mar-a-Lago since Trump was inaugurated, giving the public a glance into their behavior, reuniting after being separated a week as the president runs the nation from Washington, D.C. and Melania remains in New York City with 10-year-old son, Barron, until he finishes the school year in June.

When President Trump introduced his wife to the audience in Melbourne on Saturday, the First Lady was visibly nervous at the beginning. One report is analyzing her body language, suggesting that she "shuddered" when her husband touched her on the arm. In all fairness, it could have been interpreted as Melania being focused on her speech. She turned her head sharply at the moment President Trump made contact with Melania, but it may have been a sheer coincidence that she made the sudden move.

It was just two weeks ago that a body language expert claimed that President Trump rejected Melania's hand when she tried holding hands with him. Twice he let go of her to clap with well-wishers, but it was viewed as a window into their marriage.

First Lady lives in a fishbowl

First Lady Melania Trump is living in a fishbowl and will be analyzed every step of the way throughout her husband's presidency.

On inauguration day, a body language expert also studied how former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, helped to escort Melania into the doors of the White House after her husband walked slightly ahead of them.

An insider described as a family source claims Melania is "miserable" and is living her husband's dream.

The Us Weekly report claimed that Mrs. Trump is spending her days holed up in Trump Tower, not even willing to leave with Barron. She's reportedly entrusting the Secret Service to drive her son to school.

A separate source told the magazine that Melania Trump is very happy and there are no issues for her as First Lady.