People in President Donald Trump’s administration seem to be going through a revolving door. It has been only a month since the inauguration, and the president has been busy getting people to work in his administration. Some have been hired and some have been fired. It was reported that last Friday, President Trump fired a senior National Security Council aide. The reason given was that the aide made some comments about first daughter, Ivanka Trump, including that she is attractive.

Craig Deare

CBS News reported that Craig Deare was appointed a month ago to oversee the National Security Council’s Western Hemisphere division.

It has been confirmed by a senior White House official that it is true that Deare was fired and immediately escorted out of the Executive Office building last Friday because of comments he made about Ivanka Trump in a private conversation.

Others heard the remark that Deare made about Ivanka's looks. He said she was attractive. Those who heard the remark thought it was an awkward thing for Deare to say about the 35-year-old wife of Jared Kushner and mother of three small children and the oldest daughter of the President of the United States. Apparently, Deare's remark met with criticism from Trump and Kushner, who is the president's adviser.

After being fired, Deare returned to his former position at the National Defense University in Washington where he has been on the faculty since 2001.

It is good he could return to his former place of employment and resume his previous job.

Retired General Michael Flynn

Deare is not the only one who left Trump's administration's last week. In fact, he is the second senior National Security Council official to leave in the same week. On Monday of last week, retired General Michael Flynn, Trump's national security adviser, resigned in the aftermath after it was learned that he had conversations with a Russian diplomat before Trump was sworn in. He allegedly later misled Vice President Mike Pence about discussing sanctions with the Russian diplomat.