The election of Donald Trump sent shock-waves through the entire world, as the former host of "The Apprentice" was able to upset Hillary Clinton in the general election. With reality setting in, it appears that Trump might be taking on a little bit more than he can chew.

Job expectations

For 18 months on the campaign trail, Trump touted his business experience for why he would be a "tremendous" commander in chief, promising voters that he would "Make America Great Again." Trump is well-known for having a large ego, and his election victory put the billionaire real estate mogul on cloud nine.

However, reports confirm through his campaign advisors that Trump was "shocked" that he actually won the election, and has been described as "overwhelmed" with the responsibility that comes along with it. Just days after winning the election, Trump made his way to the White House where he met with President Obama for over an hour. As reported by Business Insider on November 13, Trump is so stunned by the scope of the job that he needs more help from Obama than previously thought.

Citing a report in The Wall Street Journal on Sunday, Trump "seemed surprised" after meeting with Obama and having the job details described to him.

Even Trump's advisors and staff members were caught off guard, as they had no idea that the entire West Wing staff gets replaced with each new administration. Due to these issues, Business Insider confirms that Trump will need more time with the Obama to help him prepare, which is not what typically occurs with an incoming president.

While Trump spent the better part of the last five years questioning whether or not Obama was even an American citizen, he got a reality check after the two sat down for their meeting.

After the two spoke, they addressed the press where both sides were respectful and pleasant with one another.

Moving forward

Trump is working fast to put together his administration and cabinet with just over 70 days until he becomes the leader of the free world. So far, Trump has named RNC Chair Reince Priebus as his new Chief of Staff, while announcing Steven Bannon of Breitbart News fame to be his Chief Strategist. As Trump continues to make major decisions about who will surround him in the Oval Office, the new president-elect will also face fraud and racketeering charges in a court of law in regards to the Trump University trial which begins in just two weeks.