"Finding Dory" is a film that premiered and was released throughout the United States back in June of 2016. The storyline revolves around a fish named Dory with Ellen DeGeneres as her voice. As a young fish, Dory gets separated from her parents, and despite her short-term memory, is on a quest to find them. Her friends Nemo and his dad Marlin, both clownfish, vow to help her as she travels the oceans from the Great Barrier Reef all the way to the Jewel of Morro Bay off the California shores, where Dory was born. It is ironic that President Trump chose this as his first movie to watch in the White House in light of the fact that he had just made an executive order that bans people from various countries, with the prohibition also impacting animals worldwide. Dory lived in Australia, and her parents lived in America!

Ellen expresses her feelings about Trump’s executive order on her show

President Trump sat down to enjoy "Finding Dory" in a soundproof home theater in the White House, drowning out angry and boisterous protestor’s right outside his door and around the country. The movie highlights just what the President is trying to prevent, as the little fish swims from one side of the world to another to find her family. Ellen DeGeneres expressed her concern on her show, and those concerns captured the hearts of millions.

All the fish of the sea helped Dory in her quest

Ellen continued to express her concerns about the proposed wall and Trump’s executive order. Her character Dory from the film arrives in America in search of her parents, gaining the help of many ocean friends.

She ends up behind a large wall at the marine life institute and has to go over the wall with her friends. None of the other Animals helping her were the same as her in color or species, but they all have one quest in mind, to help their friend Dory. This is a clear message for everyone, including President Trump that this “wall” impacts so many, including little creatures like Dory and friends. Though the film is fictional, there are real animals that will be impacted by Trump's proposed wall.