Authorities deal with animal cruelty and abuse on a regular basis, which led to tougher statutes for such crimes in some states. Most offenses are now considered felonies. Anyone who maliciously and intentionally tortures, neglects, poisons or kills an animal would be charged with a felony for such abuse. Police were subsequently shocked and appalled to find the massacre of seven Dogs along a rural road in North Carolina.

Investigation initiated for justice of seven dogs murdered and left for dead

The site of a massacre of seven dogs found murdered along Morgan Academy Road in Union County launched a police investigation.

Authorities would not disclose how the Animals were discovered or who found them. The location where they were found is right outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and the animals appear to have been dumped there some time ago before they were found. The neck of each dog was broken, and all sustained a gunshot wound to the head. The dogs appeared to be hunting dogs but were later discovered to be three German Shepherd dogs, a Beagle, and two hound dogs. One of the dogs looks like a Lab mix, and all seemed to be healthy looking pets prior to the incident. None of them had a microchip that could lead to the identification of their owner.

Rescue group seek dignity for the deceased dogs

When police discovered the gruesome scene, rescue group Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue was called to be part of the investigation.

Despite their horror, the group posted the grisly photos of the dogs on Facebook in an attempt to generate leads. The dogs were all given names by the group and were removed so they can be cremated so they can leave this world with dignity. They were named Bailey, Baker, Clyde, Rhett, Ingrid, Scarlett and Sophie. Prior to cremation, the dogs were examined by Dr.

Josh Humphrey of the Ballantyne Veterinarian Clinic. He confirmed that each dog suffered from broken necks and bullet wounds.

After the discovery of the dogs and the posted photos on Facebook, Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue and the Union County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help. Hopefully, someone will recognize any of the dogs that could lead to their owner. Anyone with information should contact the authorities.