The various conspiracy theories involving the defeat of Hillary Clinton at the hands of Donald Trump include Russian hacking and FBI Director James Comey meddling. It looks like, according to Hot Air, that Team Hillary has come up with a new culprit for the fact that Clinton did not become the first woman president. His name is former President Barack Obama.

From a fact based perspective, this finger pointing is on the far side of crazy. After all, Obama took a lot of time off from his day job of running the United States into the ground and playing golf to campaign for his former secretary of state.

But to understand why Team Hillary is so bitter one had to look at past history and psychology.

The Obamas and the Clintons hate each other with a passion that is usually reserved for two crime families battling over the same territory. The feud dates back to the 2008 campaign, the first time Hillary Clinton was going to be the first woman president, when Obama stole the honor out from under her to become the first black president instead. Bill Clinton was especially irate, once grousing that, “They played the race card on me!” Bill had pushed Hillary to primary Obama in 2012, which she wisely refused to do.

Team Hillary has not yet grasped the real culprit for the fact that they are not occupying the White House instead of Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon.

That culprit is Hillary Rodham Clinton, one part klutz on the campaign trail one part monster for the things she did in her rise to power. The campaign strategy, attempting to steal red states from Trump while the businessman turned politician was stealing blue states from Clinton, turned out to be disastrous. Team Hillary had already assumed she had won the election against the rude, crude, and socially unacceptable buffoon with the orange hair and was trying to run up the score.

Various mistakes on the campaign, such as telling coal miners that they would shortly be out of a jobs, did not help either.

Sadly, Clinton and her hangers on are still in the denial stage of grief. They need to move on to acceptance quickly lest they seem pathetic as well as incompetent.