Animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect seem to be an ongoing issue throughout the country, despite the efforts of enforced laws and regulations. Such laws are strict in the state of Vermont, so the discovery of numerous dead animals in a woman’s trailer home shocked authorities to the core. The incident occurred in South Hero, Vermont under the jurisdiction of the Grand Isle County Sheriff’s department who was called upon to head the investigation and possible rescue.

Report of findings by the Grand Isle County Sheriffs

The sheriff’s department was summoned to the home at 51 South Street in South Hero, Vermont after the landlord of Ms.

Ashleigh Tillson detected a horrendous stench coming from her trailer home. Flies also covered the windows of the residence, causing more concern. When peering in the windows, the landlord made a gruesome discovery, noting dead animals left throughout the home, many locked in cages.

The Grand Isle County Sheriffs responded to the call and could not believe the devastation within the trailer of Ms. Tilson. The deceased animals included ferrets, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits and several reptiles. Numerous other dead animals were also found in the freezer. Among the living were four lizards, two rabbits, a chinchilla, and a hedgehog.

When entering the home, officials found nearly 100 animal crates in extremely unsanitary conditions.

Because of the conditions within the trailer, they had to wear masks and jumpsuits during the rescue and investigation. There was no power to the trailer, and all windows were closed. The investigation continues, and the surviving animals are undergoing medical treatment with hopes of rehabilitating them and finding them new homes.

The fate of Ashleigh Tillson

The tenant in question from South Hero, Vermont that is allegedly facing several animal cruelty charges is Ms. Ashleigh Tillson, 30 who has reportedly not lived in the trailer home for quite a while. All the animals were abandoned and left to die. It was incredible that eight of the animals found did survive the ordeal.

Authorities could not fathom how such a situation with animals got so out of hand, resulting in devastating results. Despite the charges, the woman was released and given a citation to go to court. Tillson is expected to appear in court to face her charges of animal cruelty on October 19th, and it is unclear at this point whether an attorney will represent the woman.