When transporting something illegal into the country intentionally and secretively is a real violation of the law and is described as smuggling. It is a criminal act which becomes more brutal when animals become targeted for financial gain. Such is the recent case where authorities unveiled a bust, discovering several Slow Lorises jammed together in boxes, barely able to breathe. Their Smugglers had one intention, and that was to sell these poor animals on social media such as Facebook.

The arrest of the smugglers and rescue of nine Slow Lorises

Among the nine Slow Lorises placed into these boxes were a mother and the baby she was trying to protect.

Because of the actions of these criminals, this animal is considered an endangered species. Without the bust and arrests of the smugglers, more animals would be in ultimate danger. The suspects are to be charged for the animal cruelty crimes, and authorities believe they are to be prosecuted. Because of the severity of the incident, it is important that the public take responsibility for spreading awareness and being vigilant. Remaining silent should not be an option because these acts are harmful to the animals that are subjected to criminal acts of abuse and cruelty. Authorities further stated that they would be more observant and cautious about animal smuggling and the use of social media like Facebook to promote wildlife trafficking.

The outcome for the smuggled Slow Lorises

Although the majority of the Slow Lorises were saved, it is unfortunate that one did not survive due to a lack of air in the crowded, tiny boxes they were forced to reside. The International Animal Rescue interceded in rescuing the animals, ensuring that they are to be placed into a wildlife rehabilitation facility until they are healthy enough for release into the wild where they belong.

The rescuers stated that the animals, although found in a state of severe and intense distress, seemed to all be in good condition. In most cases involving smugglers, the teeth of a Slow Loris are forcibly removed because of the belief that they would make better pets. The animals often do not survive the procedure since it is performed without sterilized equipment.

However, the animals rescued had their teeth still intact at the time of the bust, giving them a better chance at being reunited with all their brothers and sisters out in the wild. These animals never deserve to be torn away from their natural homes and families.