Photographers were told not to return to their jobs without a photo of Prince Harry and his girlfriend together at the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto on Saturday. Prince Harry was at the ceremony for the games that he founded in 2014. To support her boyfriend's special event, actress Meghan Markle was definitely there. However, no photographer was able to get that prize-winning photo of them together that could have been sold to magazines from $60,000 up to $123,000.

Photographers were smart with their high power lens, early arrivals and prominent places to stand.

However, the prince and the woman he is dating are much smarter. While they both were seen at the same event, they were never seen together.

Prince Harry sat in one section with foreign dignitaries, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and First Lady Melania Trump who was on her first solo foreign trip. Meghan watched the opening ceremony from the Air Canada Centre while sitting in a different section with Markus Anderson who introduced the couple a year ago.

The Invictus Games

Prince Harry founded the Invictus Games for two main reasons. First, he wanted to raise awareness about the challenges wounded service members face after leaving the military.

Secondly, he wanted the wounded servicemen to have a sport when they could compete against other wounded soldiers from around the world.

The opening ceremony began with a parade of the 550 competitors from 17 different nations who are competing in events such as swimming, cycling, and golf for the first time. Entertainers included Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan, the Tenors, Kelly Clarkson, Bryan Adams, Alessia Cara, and other artists.

According to the Invictus Games website, all the competitors are active duty and veteran service members who were injured or became ill as a result of their military service.

The event is a passion for the fifth in line to the throne of England because he served in the British Army for 10 years, and he can relate to the servicemen.

The games have been held in London and Orlando in previous years. The location of this year's event was planned long before Prince Harry met Markle who resides in Toronto where her hit legal drama, "Suits" is filmed.

Prince Harry's busy day

Prince Harry had a very busy day even before the ceremony was held in the evening. During the day, he met with the First Lady of the United States, the Canadian Prime Minister, and the Canadian Governor General David Johnston. The prince stopped by Canada's largest mental health and addiction hospital where he saw patients and talked to medical personnel. He later stopped by the Pan Am Centre to show his support to many of those who were still training to compete later.

There is one thing that is obvious about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship. While they are in love, they keep a level head about them and don't let romance get in the way of their charity work and their love for others.